Thursday, June 23, 2011

Umbrella drink cookies

These cookies were the culmination of three things:  I found these cute little paper umbrellas at The Dollar Tree, the desire to make another cookie on a stick, and being hot and thirsty.  And these aren't regular old cookies, but I'll fill you in on that in a minute.

These are easy to make, so lets get started.  I didn't have an appropriate cutter so I pieced it together using three different cutters.

The top was made from the lid of a mushroom cutter turned upside down.  The middle was the cone part of an ice cream cone cutter.  The bottom was the stem of a wine glass cutter.  If you have a margarita glass cutter, by all means use it. 

See what I mean?  I then smooshed the shapes together.  Please don't be intimidated by my using technical baking terms like smooshed. 

I  placed lollypop sticks on the cookies, and presssed more dough on top for added stability.  They look kind of Frankenstein-ish at this point, but don't worry because they will be iced on the other side. 

I also added a small half circle to some of them to become lime garnishes.  Keep a close eye on baking them because you will want to add a minute or so to be sure they are done enough to not fall apart or lose the stick.                                                                                                                                                         

Right out of the oven, add the paper umbrellas while the cookies are still soft.  

Once they have cooled completely, they can pick flipped over and decorated.  I chose to do strawberry dacquiris, pina coladas, and mojitos so the flood icings were pinkish red, cream, and white. 

But thats not all folks.  Here is the best part.  THEY TASTE LIKE THE DRINKS.  For the strawberry daquiri, I used strawberry, rum, and lime extracts in the flood icing.

I also added some sanding sugar to the rim :) 

The pina colada flood was flavored with an extract by the same name.  You could also use pineapple, coconut, and rum extracts. 

The mojito was made with rum, peppermint, and lime extracts. 

I have never had a real life mojito, but I just might after tasting this - it was incredible.  These are quite possibly the best tasting cookies I have ever made. 

Think of how fun these would be at a party.  I can totally see myself saying "Lets all raise a cookie and toast the happy couple".  How about at a celebration that is non-alcohol?  Or as an option for non-drinking people that you want to have something special for?  As a centerpiece stuck into floral foam?  Yes, yes, and yes!

And you never have to worry about guests eating a couple of cookies and driving.  You could eat a dozen of these and not get drunk....just a little chubby.


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  1. What cute cookies and how clever!

  2. Those are so cute and perfect for summer! We found your blog through a linky party and are your newest followers! We would love for you to follow us, too! We have an awesome giveaway going on right now. Come check us out!

  3. You are Queen of the Cookies, Lisa. These are too cute. xo,

  4. FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lisa you do such great work, I love them. I will take a REAL drink with about 2 dozen of these and life would be oh so good.

  5. Those cookies are so cool! I would love it if you came over and linked up to Cast Party Wednesday. I have a great collection of recipes going and yours would be a PERFECT addition!
    I hope to see you there!

  6. I wish I could have you all over for cookies and real umbrella drinks. Something tells me we would have fun!

  7. SUPER CUTE COOKIES! Love this! Summer pool time~

  8. These are great! What a great idea to get the sticks on. Thanks for sharing this at Fantastic Friday.

  9. How clever you are! Too much fun!

  10. Thanks for sharing your fun and yummy recipe with us at Cast Party Wednesday. I hope you come back and visit us tomorrow.
    Thanks again.
    I hope to see you there!

  11. I love this idea, thanks so much
    How cute for a bridal shower or girls night out