Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Drew and Genevieve's wedding

All photography by Hillary Harvey Photography.  

I can hardly believe the BIG DAY is over.  It was a very beautiful ceremony overlooking the Hudson River.  

They looked so happy you couldn't help but smile.

I am kind of proud to say that I made the wedding veil.  Let's just say that I won't be going into the veil business any time soon.  I told Genevieve to keep it nice for Isabelle to wear, because it is my first and LAST.

Photo by me.  Bad lighting.

The flower girl and ring bearers were adorable.  

Ted and his girlfriend Katherine

Ted did a reading at the ceremony and then a toast at the reception.

Spiffy feet.

Ted changed into the red boat shoes for the reception to "see if Drew's head would implode".

Alec, Isabelle, Ted, Genevieve, Drew, and Katherine.

It was such a happy day,

 but there was one thing missing.


  1. Oh Lisa, the photos of the wedding and your kids are so beautiful, what a gorgeous bride and handsome groom. You must feel so proud, and I know everyone missed your brave soldier. What color did you wear? xo

  2. I just burst out in tears! What a gorgeous group and your son on his tour...my heart just broke I am sure he was so missed! I can't wait to see more photos and enjoy this special day! The bride and groom are completely stunning, that dress is lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your family is perfect, Lisa.