Friday, August 31, 2012

Making sugar cookies with children

I was in Iowa last week visiting family, and had the delightful experience of making and decorating sugar cookies with my great niece Starr.  

I thought I would share a few tips for baking with children.
The most important thing to remember is that the experience is FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE OUTCOME.

Involve the child in selecting the colors to tint the icing and the shape of the cutters.  Let them feel completely involved with the creative process.  

Show the child how to twist the top of the bag so the icing won't ooze out.  You will thank me for this.

It is going to be a MESS to clean up.  
Just deal with it.  

Cookie decorating is for any age - my 88 year old mother and 9 year old niece both had a wonderful time!  And I won't ever forget this afternoon spent with two people I love, sharing a hobby that I love.  


  1. So true, Lisa. Your niece is adorable. I bet everyone enjoyed those cookies. xo

  2. What a cutie - sweet memories for more ways than one!

  3. Making beautiful and treasured memories along with the cookies!