Sunday, September 18, 2011

An early Thanksgiving

Why am I making caramel apple pie (above photo), pumpkin pie, turkey and all the trimmings on a Saturday in September?  Because my son Teddy left this weekend to spend the next nine months in Bahrain doing research on a Fulbright scholarship. 

The Philadelphians (Drew and Genevieve) came down to see Ted off and have a very early holiday.  And a busy couple of days it has been.  Friday went something like this:

Pick Teddy up from BWI airport in Baltimore
Me - start cooking
Ted - start repacking for Bahrain
Isabelle - field hockey
Tony - pick up pizza after work
The Philadelphians (Drew and Genevieve) arrive in town after classes
All of us - go to Alec's football game
All of us - deal with the Philadelphian's flat tire after game

Saturday went something like this:

Me - continue cooking
The Philadelphians - help with pie details
All of us - stuff ourselves ala Thanksgiving style
Alec and Isabelle - deal with kitchen clean up (thank you!)
Me, Tony, Teddy, the Philadelphians - drive to Dulles International airport
Me and Teddy - fight our way through crowd, get into correct que, and say goodbye
Teddy - "I'll be OK, don't worry"
Me - Lots of hugging and crying

I wanted to make a special pumpkin pie for Ted at dinner time.  While the pie was in the oven, I cut letters out of left of pie pastry and baked them for about 13 minutes at 350 on parchment paper.  When they were out of the oven and cooled, I ever so lightly brushed them with copper disco dust.  When the pie had finished baking and set up a bit, I placed the letters on the pie.

The only thing missing from this celebration was the green beret.  He is training to leave for Afghanistan in a couple of months.  If anyone had told me a year ago that two of my sons would be in the middle east this year, I would have said they were crazy. 

Being a mom is not for the weak of heart.

And speaking of the green beret, my NEW FABULOUS CAMERA is a birthday gift from him.  Yesterday was my first time using it.  Hopefully, the crappy pictures are a thing of the past! 

So, for my early Thanksgiving I am grateful for my loving and wonderful family - Tony, Drew, the green beret, Teddy, Alec, Isabelle, and Genevieve.  We are far from perfect - there is fighting, sulking, and irritatbility from time to time.  But I wouldn't change a hair on any of their heads and love them all so much it hurts. 

WE MISSED YOU GREEN BERET!  Happy early Thanksgiving everyone.  And for Teddy

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  1. what fabulous looking pies!


  2. Man, this is just a heart breaker....sniff sniff...but I am an emotional baby lately anyway! What an amazing family you have...besides the awesome pies, these photos are great of your clan! You are blessed and so are they! WIN WIN!

  3. Oh my gosh, what a sweet post! I love your blow-by-blow discription!
    How fun for your son, and I can just imagine how bittersweet it is for you! I love the entry... lots of hugging and crying! I can so relate!
    Thanks for sharing this special time with us at ON THE MENU!

  4. What a great mom; I know how you feel. Great recipes, now I have to go snooping around. Love anything foodie.

  5. OMGee! This is a tear jerker. LOVE the pies and the pics...great job! I know you had a wonderful time, however, the airport is so much better upon their return. :-)

    Keeping both of them in prayer my friend. Thanks so much for sharing!


  6. I remember when we would have an early Christmas or early Thanksgiving for our active duty military members who would be deployed. God Bless you and your family during this time. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you are having a great week!
    Come Back Soon,
    Miz Helen