Monday, July 2, 2012

Baltimore Orioles cookies

I had a batch of thank you cookies to make.  
SERIOUS thank you cookies.  
An unbelievably nice couple are letting my son Ted stay with them in Tacoma Park, MD, while he get his ducks in a row with finding an apartment and a job in the district.  What puts this in the amazing category is the fact that they are not old family friends.  Ted was the RA for their son at Oberlin College his freshman year, and now he is living in their basement.  
When I asked Ted what hobbies or interests they had for some cookie inspiration, one of the ideas was baseball, and specifically
the Baltimore Orioles.

What sealed the deal for me was that I just saw my first ever oriole bird.  Even though I have lived in the mid Atlantic since the early 90's, they are quite rare to see.  I haven't been able to catch him with my camera, but I have seen him several times flying from the woods behind my house into our maple tree and then across the street.  
Let me just tell you, they are GORGEOUS birds!
The bird cookie was a given, but then it was time for some baseballs,


a logo,

and of course a huge 

to some wonderfully generous people!

Obies are the best!

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  1. Fabulous colors, love orange/black/white, makes me think of my favorite time of year. Good luck to your son, getting settled and starting his new chapter. xo