Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A rather different apple pie

I made this pie in honor of a man who LOVED apple pie.
To give this pie a bit of a twist, I used brown sugar instead of white, added chopped dates, and some butterscotch chips.  

Making the apple tree on the top was as easy as can be.  First I brushed the top of the pie with cream (I do this with every pie I make).  With the left over dough scraps, I used a sharp knife to cut out the shape of a tree and gently lifted it onto the top crust.  The cream acts as an adhesive.  Next I used a mini cookie cutter to cut out the apples, and then placed them on the tree.  Using gel food coloring, I painted the colors on, and added the leaves directly onto the crust.  A sprinkling of sugar, and it was ready for the oven.

It was a sweet way to reminisce with my mother in law about a man who is no doubt dancing and livening things up in 


  1. This is the prettiest pie I have ever seen!!! And it sounds delicious!
    have a great week

  2. A work of art, Lisa. Hope you put this on Pinterest! :) Love the addition of the butterscotch chips, makes it caramel-y. xo

  3. I too love apple pie. Totally digging the apple tree on top. It's way too cute.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  4. That decorative pie top is almost too pretty to eat...almost.

  5. Such a cute idea for a pie -- I love it and want to try it when I make a pie again. Joni

  6. The apple pie looks delicious, absolutely amazing. I saw your comment on my blog, and oh my goodness! Alice tea cookies and an Alice painting??? Pinch me? I can't wait to visit and see the final results!