Wednesday, July 27, 2011

French cookies part 3

Ah yes, champagne.  Added to my macarons, by the glass, and made into sugar cookie form - why I feel downright American in Paris.  Its a tough and dirty job being a baking blogger.  You have no idea how I suffer for my craft *cough*. 

Here is a random fact for you.  In my younger years I was very involved with dance, and at my studio we did a kick line for the finale at the annual recital.  Oh boy, did I ever love doing those kick lines.  It was quite possibly the highlight of my year.  Can you guess where I am going with French cookies and a kick line?

It's going to zee French version of zee kick line.  And why?  Because I CAN CAN.  Sorry, couldn't help myself.

 I made the little ruffle cookies with Swiss meringue buttercream.  All I did was put on a ribbon tip and run the icing back and forth making the little ruffles.  When I make SMB, I do a large batch and then store it in the fridge or freezer.  It hardens up, but goes back to dreamy softness when allowed to come to room temperature.  Every refrigerator should be stocked with this heavenly concoction.  Here is a closer look.

And these next cookies are for all you sweet people who read my blog and leave me such wonderful comments.  From the bottom of my heart

Wish me luck.  Today I am heading back into the confusing world of macaron for part deux.  Too bad that champagne is all gone.

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  1. Lisa, these are so darn cute! I dont think I would want to eat them! (Love the pink & black)

  2. I am in love with all of these...the WORK!! ooo meee goooshhh. Can I order some!!!!!????

  3. Your cookies are adorable!! LOVE the French theme!!! I don't have the patience for piping such details on cookies! I am going to try the ruffle, though. Thanks for sharing! Jina

  4. Hadn't seen you for a while, you have been busy. These all look so great. I finally had a chance to do some baking of my own. I made a piggy a cake little early for my B-day, going to share a sneak peak of it tomorrow at the link up. It's not as fancy as your beautiful creations but it turned out cute I think. Well hope you are doing well.