Monday, August 15, 2011

More macarons

Now that I kind of have the hang of making them, I have a bad case of macaron-aholic-mania.  Yes, I made that word up.  These aqua cuties were for Drew and Genevieve.

It is so much fun to think up flavor combos and color the batter.  For these, I used a white chocolate base flavored with amaretto for the filling.  The almond flour pairs quite nicely with amaretto! 

On a recent trip to a mennonite store, I spied some pecan meal.  You know where this is going, right?  How about using pecan instead of almond flour in the macaron batter?  A couple of good reasons for this experiment - one, I like pecans more than almonds, two, it is LOTS cheaper, and three, I like breaking rules and not following recipes to the letter.

 Sad, but true.

So for this new cookie, I simply replaced the almond meal with pecan meal.  It behaved exactly the same in the baking process, and I loved the flavor.  Speaking of flavor, I decided to pair it with a brown sugar maple buttercream.  I do not measure when making icing but what I did was cream softened butter with brown sugar.  Then added pure maple syrup, some cream, and powdered sugar till I got a nice consistency. 

This is tasty.  Really tasty.  If you like maple syrup, pecan pie, or blondies, this is the macaron for you.  Or should I say pecaron, or macaran, or pecanaran? 

I like making up words AND recipes.  This could keep me busy for a long time...

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  1. I love these! You are certainly a creative baker! Great colors and I bet that taste delicious! Anne

  2. GASP! in KNOW I am getting so so so close to making the macaron plunge. Can you just come up here to MN and help me...pleeeeeeeease (this is me begging...)

  3. Oh my .. how I wish I was your neighbour ... I would bring the tea ... and you would provide these wonderful delights!!! I fell head over heels for these temptations on our trip to Paris, last year..xo HHL

  4. OOooooh You could package these up and send them to everyone in blogland???? And then we could do a tablescape with them? Or we could just eat them all!!! They look scrumptious!!! I would love to have some pink ones for a tablescape! You should really do a give away.....I'm just saying!!
    ~~Giggle~~ I guess I have the munchies very bad and they look devine just sitting there!