Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Angel food cake

I have to confess that I have never been a big fan of angel food cake.  To me it tasted like slightly sweet cotton balls - not at all a good thing.  And then I had a two year stretch where all five of my kids wanted it for their birthdays - late March to mid July.  This did not help the cause.

THEN I DISCOVERED MAKING IT FROM SCRATCH.  It opened up a whole new angel food world for me.  Light.  Delicate.  HEAVENLY.  Sigh.

And by request, the angel was topped with a rich chocolate glaze.  SINFUL.  I used the Barefoot Contessa's recipe which you can find here.

I am going to be posting my baking over the holiday, but probably not doing many or any link parties.  I am having too much fun enjoying the green beret's visit as well as planning for the Philadelphian's visit.  There are Christmas concerts to go to, packages to wrap, and our favorite cookies to bake - chocolate crinkles, peanut butter blossoms, and Russian teacakes.

Happy Christmas baking everyone!


  1. This looks perfect Lisa...I love that deep looking rich chocolate glaze over it, very nice! I too am going to hang up the party hat over the holidays...kinda looking forward to it actually. I can't wait for you to see my snowflakes and snowman sugar cookies/RI I made yesterday...OMG what a friggin mess...but I kept saying, Lisa would be proud of me!!!! :) enjoy your time my dear.

  2. This looks lovely. I also prefer homemade to store bought. I even like a chocolate angel food. xo

  3. I'm drooling.

    I can't wait to see what all you will be whipping up!

    I hope your Holidays are full of LOVE and MAGIC!