Saturday, December 24, 2011

Playing with cream cheese and holiday wishes

I never could resist a man in a suit.

Thanks to the greatest way to waste time ever  pininterest, I had a little fun playing with my food.  First I made a small army of olive, carrot, and cream cheese penguins.

I think maybe Mr. Penguin third from the right might have gotten into my rum balls.

Since I had the cream cheese loaded into my bag and some strawberries in the fridge, I decided to do another simple cutie I found on pininterest.

I have been a bit of a slacker blogger this week (does that make me a blacker or a slogger?).  I have been baking and cooking like a crazy fool - rum balls (three of these and I would be impaired), chocolate crinkles, peanut butter blossoms, Russian teacakes, red velvet brownies, and a divine new recipe for chocolate sugar cookies that I sandwiched oreo style with white chocolate peppermint icing (drool is running down my chin just typing it).

Most importantly, though, I have been savoring the time with my family.  And with that in mind, I wanted to share a few pictures of my kidlets and my thoughts on how to have a great Christmas.  Photos are before the days of having a digital camera, so bear with the quality.

Listen to Christmas music (Teddy, the green beret, and Drew).

Smile at everyone you see (my mom and Isabelle).

Bake cookies (Drew).

Have fun every chance you get  (Alec).

Have hot chocolate before bed and sleep in the next morning (green beret, Teddy, and Drew).

Don't lie to Santa (green beret and Teddy).

Look at the world through a child's eyes (Isabelle).

Dream big for the new year (Drew and green beret).

Be grateful for the REAL gifts in your life (Alec).  I have to say, a Fisher Price magic castle IS pretty awesome, though.

                                        BELIEVE - Drew.

Realize there are angels all around you (Isabelle).

And quite possibly my favorite Christmas picture of all time - do not try to steal cookies and milk from Santa  (Teddy!).

And my Ted is far from home this year.  We are having a virtual Christmas via skype, and I would give anything to have him here with us.  Sending huge hugs and kisses all the way to Bahrain to my little cookie thief!

I am sending you all the warmest wishes for a holiday season of peace, joy, and beautiful memories for years to come!




  1. What adorable children! They looked like cherubs. Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best for a happy, healthy New Year, and a speedy return home for the soldier. ((hugs)) xo

  2. Lisa this made me laugh and cry! What a special post. I will add your sweet son into our prayers for safety, that must take such strength but also how proud you must be too. Your daughter's blog is so great too, Lisa! Wow great things for you all in 2012~

  3. Such beautiful and loving photos. Happy Holidays.

  4. LOVE these photos! The memories are treasures you will have forever. Thanks for sharing!