Monday, February 20, 2012

Cookies for the team

For some special men who are very far from home.

I want to say

And most especially to my son,

You are all true American

I know that I am taking a chance that these will be a little on the stale side when they arrive at their final destination, but I had to give it a try anyway.  They are being bagged and wrapped VERRRRRRY carefully!  My last two boxes had my son's all time favorite food - Chex party mix (with extra seasoning!), along with suggestions from my blog buddy Janet - From Captain's Daughter to Army Mom,  She gave me the best most comprehensive list of things to send in a military care package as well as words of encouragement from a fellow army mom.  Not an easy gig my friends.

Oh, and a special cookie for the newest addition to the team.

I thought Sam should have one of his own.

Hope these arrive in one piece and not too stale.


  1. My husband LOVED these! I had to show them to him. He's retired Army (he was in for 38 years and just retired a year ago!)

    I hope all these make it to your son!!! You are such a great Mom!


  2. Sending my best wishes along to our troops and your sons, in particular. They will really enjoy these cookies so much. xo

  3. Hoping that they arrive there in good condition! Tell your son thanks for his service! You never disappoint! Joni

  4. What a great mom! I'm sure that stale or not, they will be much appreciated! I'm so thankful to your son and all the men who sacrifice so much for us! Thank you for a very touching post! xoxo Jina

  5. Amazing - I love these and I wish you didn't have this kind of worry with your sons gone. My heart is full of prayer for your family. These cookies are lovely and a great tribute to their work and sacrifice. I wanted to let you know that I have volunteered w/ our church group to help out military families with basic services like lawn care, child care, food delivery, handiwork etc. Our family has their dad deployed and she has 3 little boys! She is lucky that both his and her parents are around but still things come up. She is one strong woman, like you!