Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Posies and lace cake

The real title to this post should be




Oh my, where do my true confessions begin?  

I began my little odyssey with the gum paste.  After purchasing my new found treasure at Walmart, I scampered home, opened the package and with the enthusiasm of a child with a new tub of Playdough, I started making flowers.  I have no idea whether I did it right or not because I still haven't read the directions. 

While the flowers were drying, I baked a strawberry cake in a six inch round, a heart shape, and a cupcake.  The rounded top of the cupcake was cut off and made the form for the hydrangea.  

So far, so good.   And whether I did the gum paste correctly or not, they looked OK and I had big time fun with it.

On to the fondant.  

Because I had purchased the gum paste, I decided to make my own fondant -  thriftiness being the prevailing concern.  And it is easy to make, but my experience working with it is limited (unless watching Ultimate Cake Off or Cake Boss counts) and I had never covered a cake with it before.  


Looks like a stroll through the park on TV, but it gave me a little trouble. Think I might need to read myself a tutorial two (or five...).  

I piped some lace detailing on it as a bit of smoke and mirrors to camouflage imperfections in the fondant.  This brought me to realize that piping on a flat cookie is WAAAAAAAAY easier than the sides of a cake.  Sigh.  Long story short, it took a rather insane amount of time to make this cake and it was equal amounts of fun and frustrating.

 And maybe, just maybe I need to start reading directions.


  1. Lisa, I think it came out great. I used fondant a couple of times years ago when I took a cake decorating class by Wilton at Michael's. It was kind of fun. I really do not enjoy frosting layer cakes, I am so much better at eating them ;-). xo

  2. Wow - this is your FIRST time with fondant?!?!?! For REALZZZZ? Lisa, this cake is gorgeous, really - you did a great job. They flowers are lovely and the fondant looks smooth and so bright white. I love the ruffle detail as well. I would be super proud, I love it

  3. You really are an enchantress in the kitchen. I do like the taste better of homemade fondant, but mine always seems to turn out a bit dry. Great idea to pipe on it to cover the "imperfections." I have some gum paste sitting on my shelf that I have never tried. Your flowers do look great! Joni

  4. Lisa, the cake looks fantastic! Man, I really really wish that I lived closer to you! Don't tell anyone, but I bought myself some gum paste a YEAR ago, and haven't done anything with it!!! (wonder if its still good? lol) Love the lace! I've got to learn how to do that!! I think if you brought this cake out at any tea party or garden party type function, it would receive many ooooohs and aaaaaaahs!! Great job!! xoxo Jina