Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Snow globe cookie party favors

Here is the thing about my ideas, they are either epic failures or great victories.  I don't have a lot of middle ground in my kitchen.  

This one was a victory my friends.
And here is the good news; 
it is inexpensive, fun to make, and you can even do it without any baking!

Let me start at the beginning.  
I baked large round gingerbread cookies and iced them in white.  Next, I baked myself some cute little wintry cookies and decorated them.  Using traditional royal icing (2 cups powdered sugar, 3 tbsp. warm water, and 1 1/2 tbsp. meringue powder beaten for 6 minutes with a whisk attachment on your stand mixer) as the "glue", I set my little cast of characters on top of the large round cookies.  I also used a star tip on the royal icing to make a little "snow".  

Cutey patooties aren't they?
To give the snow globe effect, I simply placed a 99 cent clear  votive holder over the top.  The only thing that is potentially tricky, is arranging your cookie characters so they fit inside the opening of the votive holder.  

Can't you just picture these on a holiday tablescape?

Are you ready for the non baked version?
Purchase the large cookies, the clear votives, and then

cruise through the grocery store and find seasonal cookies and crackers!  I gave mine a bit of icing embellishment, but you wouldn't have to.  I am in loooooooove with the little gold fish penguins!!!

A little black and white icing is all you need because the feet and bills are already orange!

I didn't do it here, but if I were making these for a party I would make a royal icing embellishment around the base of the votive holder so it couldn't slip around - especially if they were for children.  

A sweet nibble, a candle holder that can be used after the cookies are gone, inexpensive, and CAN be made with goodies from the grocery store.  

I love a good victory.
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  1. these are completely amazing. Holiday hugs to my favorite cookie decorator!

  2. These are incredible (I swear, Lisa, I am just about running out of adjectives to describe your awesomeness)!!! I love the no-bake version, especially. xo

  3. These are soooo adorable! I love that you gave directions for a no bake version too, since we are not all as talented as you!!

  4. You continue to amaze! You are sooo creative and can apply it with your immense talent.

  5. So darn cute! I need to have some fun with these. Joni

  6. Great Christmas treat! So cute ! Thanks you shared it at my link party!