Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine cookie care packages

It is a fact that I am in PINK heaven this time of year.
I love sending care packages to my sons (Philly, Japan, and Washington D.C.) as well my family back in Iowa.
I am crazy about my two little nieces and baby nephew, and when I made these little love bugs, I had the girls in mind.

I used large heart sprinkles for the heads and a simple wet on wet swirl for the wings.

These little ones will always BEE in my heart!

Since I was on a wet on wet roll, I made an Ikat inspired design.

Pink lace is ever so sweet!

These hearts have sanding sugar used on the bows for extra texture.

How about some Mehndi inspiration?

One of my favorite things to do is crochet lace designs, and what better place than on a red heart?

And what could be cuter than some little heart cup sitters?
They make coffee, tea, or milk a lot more fun!

I have a really fun tutorial coming up next.


  1. These are gorgeous and I know your family will be delighted!!!

  2. Lisa, these are works of art. I couldn't eat them (well, maybe with some prodding lol). Just beautiful. Your family will love them. You should be on You-Tube! xo

  3. Great care packages that will be loved by all.

  4. My first visit to your blog. Love its beauty and freshness! Those cookies look so delicious. Mmm

  5. just too pretty eat!! I love the heart cup sitters!
    have a great week

  6. Wow, you are really talented with decorating cookies! I am still practicing, guess it will take me a couple of years to be as good as you are :D Lovely collection of Valentine's Cookies ;)
    Take care,

  7. OK you are a master at this:) I love these little guys!

  8. I've been checking out your blog. Your cookies are gorgeous!