Friday, February 15, 2013

Winter projects - chalk paint and more

Because I am a blogger, I felt compelled to jump into the world of chalk paint.  Hey, even we bakers have to leave the kitchen every now and then.  Because I was too much of a cheap skate to spring for Annie Sloan, I used one of the many do it yourself chalk paint recipes I found online.  
Armed with left over front door paint and plaster of paris, I tackled the inside of my china cabinet.

I left the outside of the cabinet a creamy white, and took a chance by using a soft aqua blue on the inside.  I was soooooo scared to use a color like that, but when I was finished, I LOVED it!  
It seems like the projects that scare me the most usually end up being the ones I like best.  
Anyone else like that?

Because I have never used "real" chalk paint, I don't know how mine compared.  I liked the end result, but it was really funky to work with.  It kept thickening up on me, and was a bit lumpy, but maybe that is normal.  

While I was at it, I also painted a small area on my buffet, which I then embellished with a vintage French graphic.

I used acrylic craft paint for the design.  

Because I had a little chalk paint left over and was on a roll, I also painted a mirror that resides in the guest room.  

I topped everything off with a coat of dark antiquing wax followed by clear wax.  You can see how the dark wax really gets into the grooves to make details really pop.  

While I was busy painting, Mr. Enchanted was making us a new/old farm table.  My contribution to the effort was to distress it using a hammer, screws, and keys (this was the fun part!), and then staining and sealing it.  Mr. E did an amazing job on it, and I am thrilled with the results!

A less glamorous job was repainting all of the trim in the main level of the house.  No pictures of that - UGGG.

I moved on to the guest room, where I repainted the walls a creamy ivory and rearranged the furniture.  

Amazing what a gallon of paint will do - can I hear an amen?

Next up, was a fabulous/ugly lamp shade I found at an antique shop for $3.  It was covered in brown ruffles and could have won a prize for lampshade most in need of a makeover.  I pulled off the ruffles and added fringed burlap trim and a few silk flowers, because the shape had a bit of had a millinery feel to it.

And now for the biggest and worst project of all - reupholstering the dining room chairs.  My first challenge was to find a fabric that would hold up well, not show spills, and not to have a very obvious pattern repeat.  Oh, and it had to have red, green, ivory, and robin egg blue in it.  AND, not cost a fortune.  After hours of looking on Fabric guru, I found the steal of the century for $7 a yard!
Thank goodness Mr. E gave me a ton of help with this project, and the end result was worth every minute of pain!

No wonder I didn't get any cookies done in January!


  1. Lisa, everything turned out great. I love the table your hubby made. And the stencil on the buffet is beautiful. I am very impressed with your non-baking skills!!;-) xo

  2. OMG Lisa, I'm out of breath just reading about all these wonderful projects you've completed - fabulous job!! I'm home from a big trip and need to flip open the ASCP cans awaiting me - an armoire and several other pieces standing at the if only I could be too.

    Especially love what you did on the drawers of the buffet - the French motif is awesome!

    Great to meet you via Claudia - enjoy the weekend and rest up, you've earned it!

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Stopping by from Mockingbird Hill Cottage and I think you did a fabulous job painting the stencil on the buffet. What a clever idea!

  4. Lisa, I'm exhausted by your flurry of activity! I need motivation like that. It has been 16 years since anything received new paint at our farmhouse! I tend to focus on the gardens! Now, at 70, the energy is waning, although the grandkids keep me busy when I travel there. It's worth it! Just you wait!

  5. Good Grief you have about five posts in one! All wonderful projects! The buffet with the graphic is just stunning! And then what you did with the lampshade! I can't read stuff like this in the morning...LOL I have not even done the breakfast dishes yet! :)

  6. You are full of energy, all this painting! Love the new look on your hutch and the smaller cabinet, and the chairs look fabulous. Bet you love eating your beautiful cookies on your "new" farm table - it looks great.

    Hugs ~ Mary

  7. I love it all and you did a great job. your stencil looks fabulous.

  8. Fabulous paint job. I have some furniture that could use a make over. I might paint when it's warmer and I can do it in the barn. Regula

  9. I haven't caught the "chalk paint fever" yet. I love what you've shown us. Thanks for the share.

  10. Wow Lisa I'm so impressed with all your make-overs!!
    I'll have to google chalk paint as that's new to me, love the idea of aqua on the inside!
    The Graphics Fairy image looks wonderful on your chest - I hope you post that image on her DIY blog - Karen will be thrilled to see what you've done with her image!!

    Thank you for travelling all this way to leave a comment on my blog - so nice to meet you too!

    Shane ♥

  11. Hey Lisa ~ I'm glad you came out of the kitchen ~ although your cookies are fabulous! Good job on all your projects. I love painted furniture, but don't have the courage to cover up wood (** have a great weekend!

  12. You've been busy! The addition of the aqua is such a great idea and I love that French graphic you added to your buffet - beautiful!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  13. Wow, I am impressed. You have been very busy. Love the lamp shade--very classy. I need to do a few more home improvement projects and a few less fattening desserts! My house needs an update, thanks for the encouragement.

  14. Oh, wow. You really did a great job! It's beautiful.

    I'd love for you to link up for Moonshine Monday @ The Honeysuckle Bus Stop!

    Amber @ The Honeysuckle Bus Stop

  15. What a great idea! Please share it on a terrific linky – Design Décor Tuesday. See you there! ☺

  16. Wow, that's a lot of projects in one post! ;) You are a busy girl! Wonderful job on the buffet!!! Love it!
    And Yes even the regular chalk paint (annie sloan) can get thick...I just add a bit of water to it when it does.

  17. You did such a great job ! wonderful ! I love the shaby look you gave to your cabine !
    I'm pleased to be your newest French follower (LE CHEMIN DU BONHEUR)