Saturday, April 16, 2011

The boudoir cookie photo shoot

I was asked to make some "boudoir" cookies for a fabulous photography studio in Frederick Maryland.  It is called Boudoir Affaire -  Let me tell you a little bit about this classy, fun, and very girly studio.  Photographer Cindy Alderton is not only insanely talented, but one of the sweetest ladies you can imagine.  Within minutes of meeting, we discovered that we both had the PINK gene, love halloween, and have brave sons serving in the United States Army (Isn't it amazing how two women can get to the important stuff quickly?).  Sweet talented Cindy sees the beauty in every woman no matter their age, shape, or size.  Her photographs are simply beautiful. 

So after decorating her sexy and yet tasteful (or is that tasty?) cookies, I decided to do my own amateur photo shoot with them.

Ok ladies, lets line up on the plate in the photo box.

Um..., I guess you're all feeling a little shy.  Lets have the thongs go first to loosen everyone up a bit.

Ahem, yes, they certainly aren't shy.  Now, can we have a little leg?

Very good.  Try to relax ladies, I know I'm not nearly as good as Cindy, but can we at least try to get one shot?  You really are beautiful cookies and I promise, this will be fun.

Fabulous!  Can we get together now for a group photo?

Into the box now girls.  You're about to be shipped off to a real pro, so you'll be in good hands.  Goodbye boudoir cookies - be fierce!

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  1. Lisa- you are too creative! lol, if there is such a thing. Thank you for stopping by The 2010's Housewife & I am your blog's newest follower! :)

    If you are ever interested in doing a guest post for my series Wife Points Wednesday, just let me know! I think your boudoir cookies are hilarious and would be a fun gift for a wife to make a husband. (You know, those of us who couldn't actually build up the courage to do a real boudoir shoot!)

    Take care!
    Tracy (aka Mrs. 2010's Housewife)