Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The chocolate cookie box

The time had come for making chocolate sugar cookies.  The cookie dough color reminded me so much of gingerbread, I decided to "build" a box out of it and fill it with white chocolate mousse. 

 I am not good at constructing three dimensional objects out of cookies.  Every holiday season my children and I make a gingerbread house.  I'm going to give you a little quiz on what happens each year.

A.  I get a headache.
B.  I say swear words in my head, and outloud when there are no children present.
C.  It has to be propped up by soup cans
D.  It is ceremoniously blown up with fireworks on new year's eve.
E.  All of the above.

If you guessed E, you are correct.  At this point, I have a confession to make.  For a good number of years I assembled the house using this:

Thats right - construction adhesive.  I had five kids at home at the time.  Don't judge.

A brief disclaimer - the houses were never eaten - just want to be clear on that.

I continued happily in this manner until I discovered Martha Stewart's royal icing recipe.  I am fairly certain that skyscrapers could be built with this stuff (as long as it never rained).  And now, back to the chocolate boxes.  I was able to use a less cement like version of royal icing for this project because of their small size and no heavy roof to support.  Using food coloring bottles and jars, I propped the boxs up and let them thoroughly dry.

Now that they are dry you can fill them with mousse, pudding, or ice cream. 

I think I had better do my Billy Blanks cardio inferno bootcamp today - TWICE.

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