Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Tool cookies

If you are in my age demographic, you probably think you are about to see cookies in the shape of hammers and screw drivers. 

Nope.  These are Tool the band cookies.  My almost 16 year old son and green beret son are crazy about them.

There is a great deal of eye imagery in the Tool art and explosions of color.

And what better way to try out my new PME tips from Karen's Cookie's (love this site) that the UPS man just brought.  I am usually the flower/feminine cookie decorator, but I really had fun with these. 

And in the interest of harmony in the car, my almost 16 year old made me a cd labeled "mom's mellow tool" to be played when he can't stand any more Stevie Wonder and I can't stand any more Dave Matthews.  Compromise is everything.

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