Saturday, October 15, 2011

Brownie truffles with chocolate dipped potatoe chips

Yes, you read that correctly.  When I was trying to come up with an idea for the football team's weekly treat, I started thinking about feeding boys.  Any of you with teenage boys will relate to these thoughts. 

I am the mother of four boys and have had plenty of opportunity to watch the eating preferences of the animal known as the teenage boy.    When all of my boys were at home it was nothing to go through four gallons of regular milk, one of rice milk, and one of soy milk in ONE WEEK.  Approximately six boxes of cereal went with it - meals that would feel Ft. Bragg - hiding all desirable food that was going to be used in a recipe - taping threatening notes to food that was off limits - something special like "If you touch this I will hunt you down and hurt you".  Writing the dinner menu on a chalkboard to avoid being asked what is for dinner 25 times or more in a day.

Friends that take Isabelle on vacation with them, say that she pounces on food like her life dependeded on it.  My poor daughter has learned survival of the fitest. 

You snooze, you lose.

  And the thing is, even smallish teenage boys are like this, so you can only imagine what a post practice football team is like. 


And it is homecoming week,

with a parade, game, and dance - small town fun at it's finest! 

So I decided to test my theory of boys eating just about anything, especially if it involves sugar and grease.  Naturally I thought of brownies and potatoe chips.  I started with my potatoe chips. 

I laid out my Pringles on waxed paper and melted the Wilton chocolate candy melts in the microwave.  It was as simple as dipping half the chip in the melted chocolate and laying back on waxed paper to harden.  Of course I had to eat the broken ten one or two.  Tasted a lot better than I thought they would  - wow!

Easy enough.  The brownie truffles are simply made with slightly undercooked brownies.  I used boxed brownie mix, and when they were baked and cooled, I put them in a big bowl.

 Then I simply scooped up a chunk and rolled it into a ball, and then in powdered sugar. 

I got this idea years ago from a cook who was on public television named Nathalie Dupree.   Her show was delightful, and she did these easy truffles for holidays, rolled in powdered sugar or cocoa powder.  If you are ever in need of a quick, easy, and inexpensive truffle, give this a try. 

And how does this teenage boy combo taste?  Oh my.  Disgustingly sinfully good.  Quite a few of these little concoctions were actually swallowed whole (just to clarify, not by me.  I CHEWED mine).  The boys, and Busy Izzie and Brookie Cookie loved them!   Let's just say, I cannot keep these in my house unless I want to gain a whole lotta weight...

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  1. Oh my... sweet and salty... my ultimate weakness. Do you think these can be made the day before they are to be served? I think the truffles could but I'm not sure about the dipped potato chips. I need to make something like this for a party in December.
    Love your blog!
    Ladybug Creek

  2. Teenage boys know no bounds. My 17 year old is always hungry. He goes to the fridge and peeks in. Doesn't find anything he wants. Then comes back a few minutes later. WHAT, did I just put something new in there. We go through about 5-6 ghallons of milk/week. My two girls, my son, and my husband are always drinking milk. It was Homecoming Week at their high school too. What a great mother cookig up that treat. Joni

  3. I am sometimes realy amazed with creativity shown:)) This looks like something that amazes me;)) Great:)

  4. Sweet and Salty is always a winning combo! Try chocolate covered bacon!! Sounds nasty but is really good!

    We have 6 kids (all grown now thank heavens!) so we know what the feeding frenzy is like!

    Teenage kids = HUGE grocery bill!!

    Happy Sunday my dear!


  5. Those sound great! I love sweet and salty and these would fit the bill for sure!