Friday, October 28, 2011

Witch's Tea Party

Frosted Petunias

It is time for lovely Anna's tea party!  This magical event is found at Frosted Petunias and I hope to visit each and every party over the weekend because it promises to be the perfect celebration for the halloween season!

The first thing required at my party is decorations, so I glittered the word BOO and hung it by crystal chandelier chains over an antique mirror.

Then I prepared a special treat:  vanilla butter pound cakes.  They are rich, dense, and oh so moist!  I will share the recipe with you later this week.

Trust me when I say this is one recipe that you don't want to miss out on!

Now I need to say my special incantation to make tonight's beverage.

Mmmmmm, glowing apple cider.

I just need to get my costume ready before the festivities begin.

I hope no one disturbs the table before my guests arrive.

Hey, get your hand away from the candy before the party starts!  She tried to get my pink turtle cookies earlier this week.  Better keep an eye on this chick - she was NOT on the party list. 

I invited some "interesting" members of my family,

along with some dear friends.

I told everyone to bring along their black kitties - it is a plus one invite.

My kitties Ya Ya, Claude Monet, and Nugzie will be there for sure! 

And what would a party be without some hot guys.  I am expecting Vlad, Frankie, and Jack.

I also have plenty of free parking for brooms.

I got out my best set of tea cups and so everyone can choose their own.

I also thought we could carve pumpkins.

I have been watching Halloween Wars on the Food Network and feel inspired to try something more challenging for this year's pumpkin.

I think we will do the pumpkins outside in the garden - it is so beautiful this time of year.

I will put candles in the trees.

And light a fire to keep everyone warm.

I hope the ghosts don't show up this year.  They are one rowdy bunch, and hard to get rid of.

I see that some of my INVITED guests have arrived.

They like to giggle and tell secrets.

Sometimes one of them brings a crystal ball and they tell fortunes. 

It looks like the ladies have spotted the guys - or is it something else?

This crew is a little early - they can come back on November first.

I hope you enjoyed my Witch's tea party and I would love to have you stop back often!  Wishing you a magical halloween from the enchanted oven and friends.


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  1. LISA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is absolutely amazing....what can I say. The spooky cookies and lovely photos and story just keeps me enchanted for sure. This is a post for the record books! Mine will be up soon too!!! FUN!

  2. What a great fun post AND those wonderful cookies of yours that help tell the story!! Love it! xo

  3. Fabulous post! Great looking cookies!

  4. Wonderful! You had that Enchanted oven on full tilt this week my dear! Lovely all of it! I especially love the Black Hat Society! Cackle!

  5. What a wonderful tea party! Your cookies are fabulous!

  6. Wow, I love this. Those cookies are amazing. I also love that Black Hat Society cookie.

  7. I love the way you let your sweets tell the story! My mouth is watering over those cakes! The detail on your cookies is fabulous! Thank you so much for visiting my party. Please come back tomorrow for my tea recipe. It would be a great compliment to your wonderful treats. I know I will be back for the cake recipe!

    Happy Halloween!

  8. Gorgeous looking treats...may I have the orange spider web teacup cookie? I'd love to sit by the fire and gaze at the moon. Wonderful photos.

  9. Simply gorgeous !!
    Magical & so inviting...
    Thank You !!

  10. WOW this is amazing, what a wonderful Tea Party, Love all the baked items they are stunning, Thanks for sharing, Hazelxoxo

  11. Every time I come to your enchanted oven I get hungry. I'm baking a brownie graveyard today (It's a surprise, so don't tell my Piano Man and my Little Princess).

    What a party, interesting family members always make the party hot and the hot guys always make the party interesting, don't they? I love your carving ideas--totally sweet, and the guests are sooo beautiful.

    Thanks for inviting me!

    Happy All Hallow's Eve!

  12. Oh, those cookies look delicious! I would eat myself silly on those pumpkin cookies!

  13. Dazzling and fabulous..what a gorgeous adventure that stirs the soul..thankyou kindred for such a beautiful post! Your photos are magical and divine and LOVE your pound cakes,gorgeous!
    Lovely to meet a kindred!

  14. Your cakes and cookies have got my mouth watering! I am so looking forward to the recipe for those beautiful cakes! You are on talented witch!

    Rinni @ Rinni'sPlayground

  15. What delectable treats! Fabulous spread, I enjoyed my visit :)

  16. WOAW! Those cookies are amazing! I wish I was as good at icing as that. This has definitely given me ideas for next year!

  17. I just knew your Party would be extra special. I have had such a nice time and your treats are yummy. Stop by mine for some tea and sweets.

    Happy Halloween,

  18. Those cookies are artwork -- I wouldn't feel at ease eating them! ;) Lovely party post. :)

    Happy Halloween,

  19. Those cakes are making my mouth water, and those cookies are amazing!

    Thanks for stopping by my tea party...



  20. What an incredible party ~ thank you for making me smile!


  21. Loved your party and those were the most amazing treats!

  22. Oh what great cookies and cakes! Wow that pound cake sounds wonderful! I love good pound cake. Everything looks wonderful! Happy Halloween!
    Miss Bloomers

  23. A delightful Witch's Tea Party! Oh and I want some vanilla butter pound cakes! ;) They look delicious....

    Happy Halloween


  24. I had a great time at your party. All the sweet treats were wonderous...there were treats everywhere....I loved them all. Your photos were so well done. Please visit me:

  25. iLIKE!

    Thats it! I am gatecrashing the party!
    And I come with my hounds! ;-)

  26. What incredible goodies you made! And the apple cider??? YUM!! Fantastic party....thank you for having me over!!

  27. What beautiful goodies and cakes you created! Such a lovely post and I thank you for inviting me over for tea with you!
    Please stop by my little tea party too,
    In Faery Light,

  28. Your treats are simply beautiful! Thank you for taking the time to host such a nice party... If you get a chance come to tea with me....

  29. How fun is this! I'm not even a kid and I would love to have been at this party with all its special treats. The pound cakes are terrific.

  30. Mmmm what a delicious party! I will be back for the bunt recipe and to eat a few of those carved pumpkin cookies. They are darling! Many Blessings- EMD

  31. Wow! What a great party! Loved all those cookies! And I want that pound cake recipe, please. Everything was very festive. The guys were indeed hot. I'm petite so for me Frank was too big, Jack was too small and Vlad was just right. By the way, is Vlad single?

    Thanks for having me over. I didn’t join the Tea Party but I did write a bit of Flash Fiction in time for Halloween.

    Come on over and check it out at:

    Thanks again for the party.
    Happy Samhain!

  32. how lovely! your treats all sound and look soooo yummy!

  33. Oh! I loved your party! Those cookies are divine! I hope you get the chance to pop by my parties and giveaways. It is sort of a witchy blog party. :)

    Happy Halloween!


    Dana @ On the Broomstick

  34. Yummy Halloween! Your oven is indeed enchanted - and busy. Thank you for a fun party!

  35. Thanks so much for stopping by my Halloween Party. I had such a lovely time at yours. What beautiful decorations and amazing cookies you have made!! I am so glad to have found your blog. You are very talented:) Thanks so much for sharing!! Take care! And I hope you had a lovely Halloween!!!

  36. Such a unique theme and all the arrangements are also amazing. I had just great time watching all these photos here. At some local indoor party venues in Chicago we also had fabulous Halloween bash. The venue offered great services for this fun party.