Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown cookies

It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown was my favorite television event of the year when I was a child. It even beat out The Wizard of Oz.  As soon as I knew which night it was going to be on, I was wild with anticipation.  The humor (which is timeless), the music, the Dolly Madison commercials, and the not quite too scariness would have me in a full blown kid frenzy every year. 

When my children were little, on the first day of October we would get out the halloween decorations, make caramel apples, and watch this Peanuts classic.  I mean, who could resist the innocence of Linus saying "He'll come because I have the most sincere pumpkin patch and he respects sincerity"?

And good old Charlie Brown.  I think EVERYONE can relate to having a Charlie Brown day.  I love the line he uses when discussing the great pumpkin with Linus - "We are obviously separated by denominational differences".   Things haven't changed much...

Then there is Charlie Brown's adorable sister Sally who has a crush on sweet Linus.  It is her first year for trick or treat, but Linus wants her to hold vigil with him in the pumpkin patch.  What is a girl to do?  Does this little lady choose love over candy?  Yes she does.

And haven't we all known in real life this next character?  Someone with that special (cough) outlook on life who says things like "This time you can trust me.  See?  I have a signed document testifying that I won't pull it away".  

It is none other than Miss Lucy Van Pelt.  Her philosophy on costumes - "A person should choose a costume that contrasts with her own personality". 

That is exactly what I look like before I have my coffee in the morning.  No kidding.

Speaking of costumes, who is this?  "They'll never guess it's me under here".

I think the cloud of dirt gave you away Pig Pen. 

Poor Charlie Brown had trouble with the scissors AND got nothing but rocks.

And now for my favorite character - Snoopy.  The baton carrying, scarf and goggle wearing, rider of dog house sopwith camel canine STEALS THE SHOW. 

Shot down behind enemy lines in occupied France, he stealthily creeps to safety by the light of the full moon.

You can bet Isabelle and I will be watching it again this year, and who knows, maybe the Great Pumpkin WILL show up and shower us with toys and candy.  After all, we are sincere!

Happy birthday Jami - gotta  love the bag!


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  1. Lucky Jami:) No Trick for you but lot of treats:) Congrats;)

  2. Cute cookies! I haven't watched it in years, might just catch it this year:@)

  3. I always loved this Peanuts cartoon and try to watch it every year, tradition, you know! Usually when I am putting my treat bags together for trick or treaters. xo

  4. OMG OMG OMG this is the BEST....I have such a fondness for the Peanuts gang..Me and my multiple personalities often channel Charlie at times (loner) and Lucy (bossy bitch) others...HA! Snoopy ROCKS on his house! FUN FUN - you must chuckle to yourself when you make these thinking of the fun post!!!

  5. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE THESE COOKIES! We have the dvd an watch it throughout the year! You did an awesome job creating these cookies!

  6. I'm a huge Charlie Brown fan! Love these!

  7. Hi Lisa,
    Who wouldn't just love to get one of these special treats in their bag. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipe with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  8. Absolutely adorable! You are so talented ~

    Please check this out:

    Just had to share!

  9. Your Peanuts cookies are really amazing. You are such a talented lady!!! I too LOVE the Great Pumpkin and still as an adult get giddy with excitement in October because I know it is going to air. I usually make my traditional peanut butter popcorn balls that night. This is truly a great time of year! Thank you for sharing your cookies with us and for your inspiration. Blessings to you!


  10. Hi Lisa, These are the cutest cookies ever! I still love the Great Pumpkin and watch it every year. Thank you for linking to the Open House party.

  11. Lisa, I laughed my way through this post. Those cookies are so special. What did you do with them all packaged up. I hope those who received them appreciated them. I was just thinking about Peanuts -- guess it's the holiday time and how much I love those shows (sometimes they make me a bit teary). You are so artistic and funny too. Joni

  12. I absolutely adore these!!!


  13. Those cookies are adorable!!! That is my favorite Halloween movie.

  14. stopping back again to say thx for linking up and MAN these are cute!

  15. Still loving these! Thanks for linking up with me for Friday Favorites. I'm featuring you again this week!

  16. These cookies are so cute ! I especially love the one with Charlie Brown in his ghost costume