Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthday cookies for Drew

My first born is turning 28!  

Simply amazing, considering I am a mere 35 years of age. 

Since I am not going to be with him for his birthday, a cookie package was in order!

Of all my kids, Drew loved his birthday the most.

He referred to the entire month of March as

And the day before his birthday was,

It was a grand time that only the Queen Mother's jubilee could outdo.  
And I have to admit, that for the kid's birthdays, my motto was


Some of his party themes were Sesame Street, the circus, outer space (and yes, I made the solar system out of cakes, and rocket jet packs out of empty toilet paper tubes, duct tape, and foil), trains, and my personal favorite, the pirate party.

I miss those days.

I ran across this picture the other day.  It is of Drew and his little brother helping me bake cookies.  The days of little boys (and girl) running through the house, wanting story time, trips to the park, and theme birthday parties is long over.  

But, to be perfectly honest, this is what I still see when I think of them.

Happy birthday Drew!


  1. How special! Were you the mom who sent the amazing birthday treats to your boys school each year?
    I would really like to find out if I could order cookies for my grand magnificents birthdays. I have 2 in August, 1 in September, and 1 in October. Are you available?
    BTW~ did you enjoy your trip to NY?

  2. Hi Lisa, great cookies as always. Just think, you will be doing theme parties for grandkids one day. :) xo

  3. Happy birthday Drew! What a lovely package to receive in the mail fresh from the Enchanted Oven! Joni

  4. Happy Birthday to Drew! You know he's going to love this package. It's great that he enjoyed "birthday season" so much. I agree with him! My BD is Dec 1st so I begin celebrating at Thanksgiving and it goes through New Year's Eve. :-)

    The cookies are outstanding, as usual. You're going to be #1 grandmother one of these days.


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