Thursday, March 8, 2012

Great job cookies

So it occurred to me today that I haven't made cookies for the enchanted family in quite a while.  It isn't that I haven't been baking, but have all of my goodies have been heading straight to the post office.  

The cookie maker's children have no cookies.


There has been some good news this week, so it was time to break out the rolling pin in celebration.  For my husband, we are going suit shopping this weekend because

He has a new job that is going to be equal parts challenging as well as rewarding!

And in case you were wondering (by the cookie decorating) if he is a gangster or performing in a revival of Guys and Dolls, let me assure you, he is not.  

And for the kidlets, let me give you a hint:

All of those A's are lined up awfully straight.
You guessed it!

Great job Alec and Isabelle!  I know it is difficult to balance school and friends extra curricular activities, and I am very proud of you both.

Each one of my peeps is getting a cookie bag surprise tomorrow morning.

Yes indeed, there has been some good news around here this week.  Funny how when things go wrong, I think of making cookies, and when things go right, I think of making cookies.  

Do you know anyone who could use a cookie this week?


  1. Well I cooked dinner every night this week, I walked or exercised 3/4 days, I've been working diligently on a reupholstery job and I secured a job interview for Monday, does that count?
    Seriously, more amazing decorating; what lucky ducks those enchanted kiddos are!

  2. The suit and ties are adorable! Love the A's too! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

  3. Wow, congrats to your husband and your kids!! So sweet of you to reward them with cookies!! The Pink Piccadilly kids are always complaining that I never make them chocolate chip cookies!! I think they get tired of pink macarons, pink meringues.....I think you've inspired me to make them some old fashioned chocolate chip cookies this weekend! I really admire you because you are always using your talents to make people happy! I think that's what we're supposed to do with them! Have a great weekend!! xo Jina

  4. I'm a bit late but I need cookies too! :-) Seriously, these are adorable. Do you make cookies in your sleep? LOL