Friday, March 30, 2012

Painted Easter cookies

I have been playing with food coloring as paint.  Maybe it is my extreme dislike of cleaning icing bags and tips manifesting itself.

I have to say, though, that I really like using tips and paint brushes together on the same cookie.

The icing borders seem to make the painting pop more.

After outlining and flooding a cookie with icing, I let it set up till it is very dry.  

Then I squeeze food color gels onto a paper plate, get a bowl of water for washing the brushes, a paper towel for blotting, and start painting.

White food coloring comes in very handy to tone down the intense color of food coloring gels.

Of course, I use artist brushes that are only used in food coloring - 

I'm not sure it is a quicker form of decorating, but it is certainly fast in the clean up department!

I really enjoy trying new techniques.  If it doesn't work out, hey, you eat it.  

I actually did eat one.  I was curious to see if the food coloring was adding a bitter taste (it doesn't), and it was a really bad design.  
It all works out!

I think the ones above are my favorite.  A true "mixed media" cookie, and who doesn't love sugar egg dioramas?  They are 


  1. Lisa, I have seen some beautifully decorated cookies here, but these are outstanding. I would coat them with a sealer and use them to decorate an Easter tree! You are a talented artist. xo

  2. Unbelievable...I have no skills for painting, but I can certainly admire anyone who can do this! Just beautiful!!!

  3. I will never have the painting talent but wow, do you ever! I think these are some of your best my friend.


  4. wow, you are a real artist. great job. i would hate to eat them because are way to beautiful. thumbs up!! hopped over thanks to the "bunny blog hop" ... luv your blog. so nice to meet ya. take care. (:

  5. I am super impressed. I will be featuring this tomorrow from the Bunny Blog Hop.

  6. I can not even tell you how much I love these. I have wanted to take the time to do some "paint" stuff. The mixed media ones are too my fav's but they are all so neat. It just looks like a "window" into a magical pretty Lisa.

  7. These are gorgeous!
    Too pretty to eat : )
    Happy Easter!

  8. Amazing. I definitely would not want to eat them!

  9. Your cookies are so beautiful and delightful to look at. You do such meticulous and beautiful work. It must hurt a little when they get eaten up. HA! Seriously though...I appreciate you taking the time to photograph them and share with your readers. I showed my 2 daughters, age 15 and 23 yr, we just oohed and aahhed over your workmanship.