Monday, March 26, 2012

Harry Potter cupcakes for Isabelle

I'd like to introduce you to the greatest Harry Potter fan in the world.

My daughter Isabelle, who is celebrating her 14th birthday today!

Since I have done Harry Potter cookies for her a number of times, I decided it would be fun to do some cupcakes.

I made a "butterbeer" cake that I filled with a rich butterscotch "goo", and topped with a cream cheese frosting.  Hedgewig was embellished with slivered almonds, candy disks, and a cashew for a beak.  

I also made some cupcakes with Harry's scarf made out of fruit roll ups.

We celebrated with an overnighter with besties Grace and Chloe, and a marathon shopping day.  The girls tried on lots of formal dresses in anticipation of their first high school homecoming dance next year.  No one can accuse them of procrastination...

So armed with her new magic wand and spinning head owl, my dragon slaying elfin daughter had a very happy birthday.  

Oh, and the butterscotch "goo" was a big hit!


  1. Happy Birthday to Isabelle! Your cupcakes are amazing. I don't know what butterbeer tastes like but I am sure it is good! xo

  2. Adorable! Happy Birthday Isabelle! What a lucky girl to have such a wonderful and talented mum.

  3. Happy Birthday to your beauty Isabelle. Her name is gorgeous just like her. Cool cupcake designs. The scarf was a great idea.

  4. oh my, these are soooo adorable! & it sounds like they had lots of fun shopping for dresses (:

  5. These look so cute and the flavors sound wonderful! Should I remind you when my birthday rolls around? ;-)


  6. These look fabulous! I love Harry Potter and what a great idea for Hedwig! Happy late bday Isabelle!