Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Television station reunion cookies

I hobbled my way into the kitchen this weekend for a couple of baking sessions.  The cookies above are for my dear friend Mary, who is going to be attending a reunion at the television station where she worked right after college.  
We were room mates at the University of Iowa, best buddies, and partners in crime extraordinaire.  

In case any of my five children are reading this, Mary and I never hit the bars and we spent every waking second studying.  
Studying HARD. 

In other news, I made chocolate chip cookies.  It might sound kind of ordinary, but I realized that since I began decorating sugar cookies, I hadn't made them in about a year and a half.  
Downright criminal.  

And now on a totally different subject, I want to share a lovely combo that is showing off in my garden.  

All of my Asiatic lilies are enormous this year.  Like taller than me  taking flower steroids enormous.  Even the Easter lilies that I replant in the garden each spring, look like they are about to devour the house.  
I have no idea why.  
I think I will ponder it over a cookie :)


  1. So cute, Lisa. ABC has most of my fave tv shows. Also I like the news teams. Your flowers are really beautiful. I think it is all the love and happy vibes there. xo

  2. Fantastic cookies and flowers! I know the chocolate chip cookies were devoured too.