Monday, October 8, 2012

Get well cookie bouquet

Poor Brooke was in the hospital last week, and I wanted to do something to cheer her up.  
That would be cookies, of course!

Unfortunately, it was pouring rain most of the week making the humidity level in the house very high.  You know, too warm to turn on the furnace and too cool to turn on the air?  It makes for cookies that are a bit soft - YIKES!

I assembled them with great care, and didn't do it till right before I gave them to her.  Even then, one fell off the stick. 

I am happy to report that she is out of the hospital and doing well.  
And it is almost furnace season, which is a cookie baker's best friend!


  1. Glad Brooke is home and feeling better. That is a cute 'bouquet'.

    Last night it was a little chilly in my house, but I stayed strong and pulled out the blanket for my bed! I hate turning on the heat, in a blink the bill will go from $25 to $125. HATE that!! :) xo

  2. The happy smiles on those flowers were sure to cheer her up! so cute LIsa!

  3. For the next week as the arrangement filled the room with subtle fragrance, many of the doctors, nurses, technicians, janitors and cleaning ladies commented on its beauty and arrangement. sympathy flowers sydney