Sunday, October 14, 2012

Vintage inspired Halloween cookies

My favorite childhood memory - walking in the house after school and finding the Halloween decorations out.  They were the old cardboard ones which were hung on all the windows and doors.  
I decided to do a little cookie riff on these charmingly fun vintage designs.

Gotta love the smiling black cat!  

The cookies are all sitting on one of the old window decorations from my mom's house.

Owls are back in a big way, and I am quite glad.

The witch cookies remind me of my favorite door decoration.  It was a green articulating witch with a very large nose.  I have her as well, but she is too fragile now to display.

I guess some things never change, because getting out the Halloween decorations is still my favorite day of the year!


  1. These are great Lisa! I love the owl!

  2. Oh Lisa, I feel the same way, and we had that cat! And an owl in the moon and cat sitting on a crescent moon, I loved them. So sorry I didn't keep them (They were really old). Great job. xo