Sunday, November 4, 2012

Christmas cookie decorating classes

In case you are wondering why I have Christmas cookies on my blog when I still have some Halloween decorations sitting on my dining room table, the answer is simple.

I needed photos to advertise cookie decorating classes I am going to  be teaching in December.

Hobby Lobby in Chambersburg, PA is going to be the location (in case anyone was wondering).  I can't wait!

Doing highly detailed cookies takes a considerable amount of practice, but ANYONE can learn the basics. 
And it is FUN!

I have learned most of my cookie tips the hard way.  Trial and error was the name of that game!  

There won't be any more Christmas cookies for a few weeks.  I love the fall holidays, and I am in no rush to get through them. 
Thanksgiving is wonderful and sort of overlooked, don't you think?

Gotta run - its time to put those Halloween decorations away.


  1. Lisa, I think you make the most beautifully decorated cookies. I wished I lived in PA! :-)

  2. Lisa!! I want to attend!! I would be so terrible at it but would have fun. And I agree about Thanksgiving. xo

  3. Oh well, 3 hrs. and 43 minutes each way is a bit too far for me...I checked it out. Practically near Maryland. :( xo