Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Turkey and pumpkin Thanksgiving cookies

Did you ever just have ONE OF THOSE DAYS? 
You know, despite the best of efforts things just seem to go wrong? 
That was my yesterday.  I had been scheduled to give a cookie decorating presentation to a new comers club, and I had a grand time prepared.  On a typical Monday evening, I have not too much going on - maybe watching The Mob Doctor at nine.  But wouldn't you know it - my son's football game last Friday was cancelled due to power outages at the opponents school and was rescheduled for Monday evening.  Both events were slated for 7 pm.   Missing the game was not an option because it was Alec's senior year last game (sniff), but the presentation was a commitment I made over a month ago and I didn't feel right about ditching at the last minute.   

My solution?  Do a top of the club mini presentation and get to the football game late.  So here is how the presentation went; I ran out of ink in my printer so the cute tutorial I had written was a no go, my photo album of cookies was accidentally left behind at my daughter's orthodontists office (don't ask), I loaded my cookie presentation in the car about an hour before leaving and the cold made my icing colors mottle, and my presentation was a 15 minutes brain dump.

The moral of the story is:
Check the ink cartridge.
Don't lose your photo book.
Never place cookies in a cold car (or a hot one for that matter).

On a happier note, the Blue Devils won 62 - 7.
Very bittersweet watching my baby boy play his last game.
Love you Pooh Bear!

Sorry about that new comers...


  1. Your amazing!

    secret admirer

  2. Your cookies still look phenomenal!!!!!! You are like the energizer bunny, Lisa. I am glad your son's team won. xo

  3. Just found your beautiful blog. Your cookies are gorgeous works of art!