Monday, November 12, 2012

Day of the Dead cookies and how to make your own hybrid cookie cutter

I know, more cookies out of season.  What will I be doing next - Easter?
My darling Isabelle is taking Spanish 1, and her class was having a day of the dead party on Friday with extra credit given for bringing in treats.  Cookies to the rescue!

Decorated skulls were a must for this project, but I had a little problem.  My skull cutter is really tiny AND it has cut outs for the eyes, nose, and mouth, making it quite difficult to do the embellishments.  I took a quick spin through the local stores that carry cookie cutters, and the Halloween skulls were all gone.  
Either make my own template OR use cutters I already have, and merge them into a hybrid of sorts.  I rooted through my cutter collection (which is obscenely large), and decided that my gingerbread boy and girl heads would be just dandy.

Cutting out a boy head and a girl head,

and pressing them together on a cookie sheet,

makes a skull shape!
When baked, the shapes melt together perfectly and are quite sturdy.  Isabelle did the cutting and baking,

and I did the decorating.  Making your own "hybrid" cutter shapes is a great way to make do with what you already have on hand.  Take a look at shapes you most likely have in your collection - (hearts, stars, circles, etc.) and think about how you can merge them together.  It certainly beats cutting shapes by hand, which is a very tedious job.  

The Enchanted Oven is back on track this week with Thanksgiving cookies and a really fun new project!   
Gobble, gobble!

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  1. Wow.....these are beautiful. Love the decorating. Your daughter is a chip off the old block! xo

  2. I hope Isabelle got "extra-extra" credit for these fantastic cookies. Great idea for skulls! Thanks!

  3. Great creative use of the cookie cutters. I'm glad you said that they melt together during baking as I was wondering since I've not tried this method yet.

    The decorations are perfect too and not all that out of season really!

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking