Thursday, November 8, 2012

How to make rosy cheeks on a gnome cookie

Or any other cookie for that matter.  
There are actually a couple of ways to rosy up a cookie cheek.  

This is my favorite technique to use because it is subtle and melts right into the flesh (wow, that sounded kind of scary didn't it?).  

I could have used a darker shade of pink to make the cheeks stand out more, but I didn't.  I could claim that I was going soft and subtle, but gnome cookies in strong primary colors don't exactly say "shabby chic".  Oh well.  
On to how it is done!
After the flesh colored flood icing has been put into place on the face, you immediately add drops of pink flood icing where you want the cheeks to be.

One drop will do you - it will spread out and melt right into the face.  Of course, you want the face and cheeks to dry before you add any other details.

These little fellas are being boxed up and heading to Iowa in a care package for my nephew's wife Danielle.  The poor girl just had the most awful pregnancy (bed rest and placenta previa), a 38 hour labor, and emergency c-section, and now is battling a serious staff infection from the surgery.  Yikes.  
If any of you could send some prayers and sweet thoughts her way, I would really appreciate it!

I'm hoping some magic in a box will cheer her up!


  1. Poor Danielle, sending prayers and positive thoughts her way. Such cute cookies, Lisa. xo

  2. These are adorable! I will keep Danielle in my prayers.

  3. Your gnome cookies are adorable and what a darling way to cheer Danielle. I'll certainly remember her in my prayers.

  4. They are so cute!! Thanks for linking up with HSH!