Monday, March 11, 2013

Camera cookies

I thought about titling this post


Hee hee.

Actually I would have never thought to make camera cookies if a friend had not asked me to make these as a gift for a fellow photographer.  
Was that a run on sentence?
Anyway, I googled Nikon D7000 and got busy.

I am positively awful at making a circle, so I cut a couple of circle shapes out of card stock and used them to trace the shape of the lens.

Rest assured I used a food coloring marker and not a sharpie.
I rooted through all of my cutters hoping to hybridize something into a camera shape, but to no avail.  I had to make my own pattern  (once again, out of card stock) and hand cut the cookie dough.  

It is always interesting to do something unexpected and out of my comfort zone.  
Bagged and tied with bright red ribbon, they made a cute gift for the owner of a REAL Nikon D7000.

I am beyond excited to show you my next batch of cookies (calico eggs).  They just might be my favorite cookies ever!

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  1. Oh, my camera stars! Those are so gorgeous, girl! You have some serious talent there...

  2. Liz, these cookies are too cool for words. The amount of detail blows me away every time. I can just imagine these calico eggs! xo

  3. You are such an artist! I'm always in awe of your talent!!

  4. These are the cutest cookies!! You did a fabulous job on them. Thanks for your visit and comment. I'll be visiting often!!

  5. Oh my...these are just too cute! Thank you for sharing them at my party.


  6. Okay, you are beyond amazing! These camera cookies are Fabulous!!
    Mary Alice

  7. Your talent is amazing! I so enjoyed perusing your blog checking out all of the cookies. Sally

  8. Just your header intimated me:):) I am NOT a baker at all. I never really got into it cause my hubby has NO sweet tooth so I never baked. The cookies are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!! What a great gift. XO, Pinky

  9. Your cookies are incredible! Ann is the baker in the trio of writers for our blog so I'll make sure she hears about your blog. I'm so impressed with your talent. Thanks for visiting us and leaving a comment so we could find you.
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  10. Ok, first, you have more PATIENCE than I can comprehend. WOW!
    Second, these--and all the other cookies I'm seeing here, are STUNNING.
    Beautiful. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leading me back here!

  11. You are just too creative - who could eat cookies that look like little pieces of art?

  12. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping in at my blog and your kind words. I am happy to say I am now following you on Facebook - you are quite the talented lady. I will be back! Jane

  13. Wow, I'm so impressed. How creative and fun to come up with this idea. I know those cookies would have to taste as good as they look but I couldn't eat it, way to cute. Love you blog, I'm coming for a tour.........
    Happy Day,

    The French Hutch

  14. Looks just like the real thing! excellent, I bet that friend is gonna be REALLY happy! thanks for dropping by my site too!

  15. Wow, you make amazing cookies! Do you sell them (I hope you do)? I used to have a cake decorating business (really small & out of my hourse) a hundred years ago when we lived in Oregon, but didn't pursue it after we moved to AZ -- I didn't want to have to deal with transporting cakes in some of our extreme heat!


  16. So, you commented on my blog, and I loved the name of yours, so I came to take a peek... Holy cow woman, your cookies are incredible!! I've always wished I could decorate like this! I'm your newest follower, you're fabulous! :)
    ~April @Dimples and Delights

  17. You left such a sweet comment on my blog I thought I would hop on over and I am so glad I did! Those cookies are A.MAZING! I am seriously impressed! I jut baked a batch of sugar cookies and iced them but they are way simpler than those I can tell you! I just cannot get over how great those cookies look!