Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Easter message cookies

I went to Hobby Lobby the other day and bought some alphabet cookie cutters.  Oh my, they are fun.

Gotta love those 40 percent off coupons.
I can think of so many occasions to use these cutters - brain in cookie overdrive!

I put these all together in one bag, and took them with me to D.C.  to give my son Ted.  I told him to put the letters together to spell out a secret message (tee hee).  He always did love to figure out a puzzle!

My only issue with these cutters is that it is murder to get the dough out in one piece.  I ended up having to use a toothpick to pry them out, and then camo the toothpick dents with icing.  Definitely not a quick cut out process, but worth it!

How are your Easter plans coming along?
Ted and his girlfriend Katherine will be here, so I am busy prepping Easter baskets, buying egg dye, making schemes for fun, and planning the food.  
And it would be super great if it wasn't SNOWING.


  1. I am planning a dessert to take with me on Easter, not cooking this year, invited out. I have mini letters and loved to write things on pie crusts but those are a big pain to get out too. xo

  2. Very, very pretty. You must have boundless energy. I don't know how you do it. It would take me until Mother's Day to make those pretty cookies, if I didn't eat them before that.

  3. Your cookies look fabulous! Where do you get the discount coupons for Hobby Lobby? I stopped by their store here recently and thought their prices were a little high, but with a coupon I might stop by again :)
    Heather from Friendship, Life and Style

  4. HI, what a great idea to spell out your Easter message. I love it. The cookies
    turned out beautiful too. My luck they would have spelled out BURN!
    Great job.

  5. How cute! Love how you decorated them, but you obviously have more patience and talent than I do. :)

  6. Hi Lisa, those are sooo cute! I NEED to follow you. I love cookie decorating. You have such cute ideas. So glad I came by. Thanks for the invite. Love, Wanda (No Place Like Home)

  7. Waht a fun blog you ahve... and oh, how I wish we ahd a Hobby Lobby here.... Thanks for visiting and commenting on my post and I do wish you the happiest spring!!

  8. You are one beautiful baker indeed! Yummy goodness!

  9. How about eating those cookies as I read the Easter greetings. They look so yummy and I think I wouldn't help it! LOL Happy easter!