Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pansy cookies and The Philadelphia Flower Show

Cabin fever had me in it's grip, and there is no better cure than The Philadelphia Flower Show.  Just walking in there and smelling the flowers and trees in bloom was pure heaven.  The gardening inspiration wasn't too bad either!

Because pansies are right at the top of my favorite flower list - they are so SWEET and pure SPRING - I made pansy cookies for the day of the show.  

I totally want to do this - a mannequin in ivy and succulents!

Mr. Enchanted is going to make one of these for me!  
Until I get grandchildren, my dog Nellie will make good use of it  :)

Back to the cookies.  I had an empty oatmeal container laying around, and I thought it would make the perfect cookie transporter. I covered it in scrapbook paper, added a purple ribbon, put a little crinkled grass in the bottom, and filled it up with the cookies.

I cut rounds out of wax paper to keep the cookies separate.  

All I had to do was pop the lid on and it made for a cute and sturdy way to bring them on the road trip!  

I am soooooo ready to get going in my garden!

This year's show was themed England, so there were a lot of cottage gardens on display.

Between the flowers and the pansy cookies, it was a day filled with sweet spring!

Oh, and I wanted to show you how my forced forsythia blossoms are coming along.  Aren't they wonderful?



  1. I love pansies, Lisa. Cookies are gorgeous as always and love that Oatmeal container makeover! xo

  2. Thanks for visiting me at the Ferrell boys and me! You are right about the mothers of boys being in a special club . . . it's one I have enjoyed so far! This was my first time planting potatoes so any pointers you have would be appreciated. Thanks again for the sweet comment!

    Tina :)
    the Ferrell boys mom

  3. Wow! Those cookies are amazing! Such talent!
    I love the way you packaged them, too.

  4. The flower show is wonderful! That would induce spring fever for sure! Your cookies are lovely!!!

  5. Oh my gosh, your cookies are amazing!!! (and delicious too, I am sure!) Love the spring garden show... makes me wish even harder that all this snow will melt soon! :)

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful garden ideas. I went to a beautiful public garden this past weekend-will be sharing photos. I am going to a big garden show this weekend too-it is the season! Love the cookie carrier too.

  7. Do you live near Philly???? I saw this post on your sidebar and thought I would check! I used to go to the Flower show every year but haven't been there in awhile. I am in Avondale, Pa., about 45 mins. from Philly. I grew up in Philly. XO, Pinky