Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Muffin tin apple tarts

This treat began with a kitchen clean up.  You know, when you go through the fridge and start tossing things or seeing how they can be used up.  With left over pie pastry, some small apples, and a partial bag of caramel bits I came up with these.

These perfect little bites of apple goodness were quick and easy to make.  First, I rolled out my  dough and cut out flower shapes with one of my handy dandy cookie cutters.  I lightly sprayed a muffin tin, and pressed the dough inside.  Next I got out my 

I adore my APPLE-THING-A-MA-JIG, and use it constantly through out the fall.  

This time, I did something different with it.  I left the apples in their spiral "slinky" form.  After dusting them with a little flour, sugar, and cinnamon, they were placed inside the pastry cups.

These were tiny apples, so they fit just right.  I had just enough caramel bits to fill the centers and then topped them with a small piece of butter.

Don't they look cozy and yummy cuddled up in their cups?  

They were popped into a 350 degree oven and when I checked them after 25 minutes, they were done.  

Perfect for a winter day and a nice pot of tea or coffee.  

If I was inclined to get fancy (or had any in the fridge...) I would have topped the centers with a cherry for a splash of color.  

You may have noticed that there hasn't been quite as much baking going on around here, and there is a reason.  As my austerity program progresses, it is downright dangerous to have too many goodies around.  I saw a kid the other day eating some chocolate and I fantasized about knocking them down, snatching it away from them, shoving it in my mouth, licking it off my fingers, and then cackling gleefully.  

Insert sound of heavy sigh.  

A little tart keeps me from getting too dangerous when I am out in public.  


  1. I can almost smell these..... *sigh*


  2. Lisa..you crack me up. I am proud of your will power, you are doing a great job! I love these tarts, the apples in the center are so pretty and I bet they just smell great and taste AWESOME....what talent to be able to just throw this together...umm ya, not so much for this kid. I need one of those thingies called a RECIPE!

  3. They look delicious. I need to get me an Apple Thing- A -ma Jig! Good for you eating a little healthier - I know how hard it is. I am saying the same thing but so far no luck!

  4. Lisa, these are adorable. I think mini anything taste better! Must be the cuteness. I had an apple-peeler-corer-slicer-thingie from Pampered Chef, I think I might have left it on the counter in my old house. :( I used to get a kick out of using it. xo

  5. These are so pretty. Hope you are doing well.

  6. Yum!!
    We have a red apple thing-a-majig and the grand magnificents think it is the coolest thing ever. I received a new gluten free cookie recipe today; hope to try over the weekend, I'll let you know if they ate edible.

  7. Love this post Lisa! You always make me giggle!! Sorry that I've been such a bad blogger lately. I have an addiction and it's called Pinterest!! I love your apple tarts!! They sound sooo good!! I've got to get one of those thing-a-majigs!! xoxo Jina

  8. These are just perfect bites of delight. Joni

  9. Wish you would keep your blog. It displays your amazing talent.