Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Montana cookies

I am back to my evil ways.  The cookies are now full on sugar and white flour, although I am personally doing a sugar fast.  Yes, it is true - my New York trip has inspired me, just not in the cookie department. 

So, on to Montana!  It is incredibly beautiful and I feel so lucky to have had my first real glimpse of the Rocky Mountains.

Lots of hunters in those parts.  I wouldn't want to be a deer.

I had my eyes peeled the entire time for a glimpse of a grizzly bear.  Not that I would want to meet one face to face, mind you.

Why is it that bears LOOK so friendly?  Maybe from the popularity of teddy bears and Yogi the Bear.  

Here is one Montana animal that was cute AND extremely friendly. 

Jim and Sandy's little Westie named Roxie is a sweet heart!  And so I send all three of them a hug and a  big

Wish me luck on my sugar fast...

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  1. I have tried but failed....I am starting again. Wishing us both the strength we need! xo

  2. SUGAR FAST!!! Girl, with holiday baking coming up, what are you thinking!!! LOL Beautiful photo of Montana! What a wonderful place to visit this time of year! Love the cookies, you are so talented! I did some Spritz Cookies over at the blog. Pop by if you get a chance! It's pastel and sugar overload!! xo Jina

  3. Thanks Lisa, for the tribute to your trip to Montana. There have been more grizzly bear and hunter encounters. They have also been trapping a lot near the mountains. They usually do this time of year, but more than normal. I am glad we did not run in to any also. The deer are on the lookout, hunting is in full force. Roxie is doing fine. Her hair is growing back quickly from her surgeries. She is honored to be one of your cookies. Glad you were able to visit and hope you can come again in the summer. All our Love Jim and Sandy

  4. Very cute, and you're right - why do bears look so friendly?


  5. Lisa, you are so amazing! I am loving all this cookie art! Ohhhhhhh to be in your kitchen for an afternoon!!


  6. Beautiful cookies! A sugar fast - what courage! I've tried low carb/low sugar, but it was hard. Don't you hate that something that brings such joy to others (and that you enjoy creating) is actually so bad in terms of health? I'm not ready to give up all my cookie cutters and making cookies quite yet. I'm still holding out for some biochemist to develop a sugar substitute that actually tastes good and doesn't come with its own set of health hazards! Oh well... some day soon I hope! Have a great weekend! ~ Mary