Friday, April 20, 2012

Bird cookies galore

I love birds.

I do whatever I can to attract them to my gardens, adore them as a decorating motif, and their singing absolutely delights me.
You noticed my hopping bird in cage graphic above, right?

I have several ornate bird cages that I use for decorating.  In fact, just this week I put a plant in one and hung it in a corner of my dining room.  And outside, I have a large vintage cage on a stand (scored at a flea market for seven bucks!) that  I fill with colorful annual flowers.  

Unfortunately, the one thing I don't put in them is, um, birds.  I did a stint of bird sitting once, and was nipped at and had LOTS of food thrown out of the cage at me.  I think I will stick with flowers in mine :)

I put up a couple of new bird houses today, and I am hoping to attract new residents.  Did you know how important birds are as pollinators?  They also eat their fair share of pesky bugs.  
Speaking of bug eaters, here is the one of the guys living in my pond.  

Please excuse his use of bad language.  He has an appalling attitude.

 Birds also add life and movement to a garden, and I want flying, flitting, and buzzing everywhere I look!

I should give you another interesting fact about birds, but instead I will warn you about using black icing too soon on top of another color, like I did with the cookie below.  See how it bled into the blue?  Very bad form on my part - I hang my head in shame.

To finish my bird cookie day, I made some painted blue birds.  

Please try to ignore how wonky my circle outlining is.  Once again, very bad form!

Blue birds are often times seen on vintage graphics,  and I think they are just darling.

They represent HAPPINESS!

Pure innocent charm!
Mr. E is taking these into work tomorrow as a thank you for his group working very long and hard for the last few weeks.  

I always think there is nothing like a big old plate of cookies to say thank you.  In fact, I think a plate of cookies can deliver just about any happy message!


  1. Oh Lisa....these are all beautiful and I LOVE your wee friend in the pond!


  2. Well, you know me and birds. I love all these cookies, but the blue bird of happiness is my favorite I actually got hooked on birds when I bird sat for a friend's bird for several weeks....didn't want to give the bird back! xo

  3. complete works of ART!! The frog cracked me up. I can relate to him. Amazing work, Lisa.

  4. What beautiful cookies! You are so talented.