Friday, April 6, 2012

Pysanky egg cookies

Pysanky is the Ukranian art of egg decorating.  When I ran across some pictures of pysanky eggs the other day, it brought back some fond memories.

When I was a young child, some neighbor children that I played with had a babysitter that made pysanky eggs with and for the children.

You heard me right - she came bearing blown out eggs, a kistka (stylus type tool to apply the wax with), and dyes.  

Top that one Mary Poppins.  When I was a teenage babysitter, I thought I was doing well to read stories and make popcorn.

I was spellbound watching her carefully and skillfully apply the wax, layer the colors, and then wipe off the wax with a warm towel.  Let me tell you, when that wax was removed and all of the colors revealed, it was

Although I generally like pastels at Easter, the vibrant colors of the pysanky eggs are just gorgeous.  

The colors all have special meaning, for instance
BLACK stands for eternity, the darkest time before dawn.
RED stands for happiness in life, hope, passion, and the sun.
YELLOW stands for light, purity, youth, happiness, and hospitality.
GREEN stands for spring, new growth, and hope.
WHITE stands for purity, innocence, and birth.

The shapes and symbols all have meanings as well, so quite a story can be told in a single egg.  Isn't that fabulous?

These cookies have a fair amount of detail on them, but are downright plain compared to some of the amazingly complex designs that are done.  Can you even imagine how steady your hand would need to be?

All I can say is WOW!


  1. These cookies are amazing. I have two friends who took a class to learn how to make these Ukrainian eggs. I know I don't have the "hands" for that. Have a happy and blessed weekend! xo

  2. Lisa, these are truly amazing. I especially love the cookie with the little red birdie in it. You have such amazing talents, and a visit to your site is always fun! Joni

  3. I can not get over these!! The detail work is beyond what my pea brain can comprehend! Stunning Lisa..... I shared on FB.

  4. BTW...Happy Blessed Easter to a great person!

  5. I haven't seen these in quite a while. I worked at a very large Insurance for over 10 years and in that time I met a petite waif that would also make some amazing eggs. When I sat and absorbed her at work, my so-called friends would snicker and giggle (Mean Girls) but they were a class above They would sort thru their NEEDS and as a result, they missed out on a lot of life. I have not done these eggs but, I feel blessed to watch the artist in the artist in her...ever surprised how calm she was when she worked.