Friday, April 13, 2012

Fairy garden

 I have always been fascinated by miniatures.  With my love of gardening, fairy gardens became the perfect enchantment for my outdoor space.  I began making them a number of years ago, and Isabelle  always had such fun helping me build them.  It was like having an outdoor doll house!  

I have always tucked them away in the landscape, but this year, I wanted to do something a bit different.  With a very old wheelbarrow and a can of raspberry pink spray paint, my fairies got a new home.

The fairy house is extra special to me (and the fairies) because my husband made it out of hypertufa for me.  The roof lifts off so a candle can be put inside.  When you see a gentle glow in the windows, the little people are home for sure.

I make pathways out of mosaic tiles and stones.  I always choose flowers that are tiny like sweet alsyssum.  Succulents are another good choice for miniature gardens.

Don't you think the fairies must enjoy having tea parties on their dear little chairs under the gazebo?

These tiny ladies are industrious as well, always keeping their broom by the front door so that the walk can be swept daily.  
And the fairies aren't the only residents of the house.  Every spring I find a stash of acorns inside, so I know that a family of chipmunks reside there in the winter months.  

And because I encourage a non sexist environment, a gnome was allowed to move in this year.  Don't worry, they are just friends.

The smallest dwarf alberta spruce looks like a towering tree in this miniature world. 

Can't you just picture the fairies riding through the flowers on their little blue bicycle?  

Ya Ya the watch cat makes sure that fairy land stays safe and secure.  

Last year, we gave friends a fairy house that the Mr. E had made.  Every couple of weeks, Izzie and I would sneak over to their house and add something new - a birdhouse, little terracotta pots, a wheel barrow, and more.  The best part was, we never said anything about it.  When the family started to notice new things appearing, they began accusing EACH OTHER!  It was such fun to do the "sneaking" and hear about the girls rushing outside each day to see if the fairies had added anything new.  Such fun and absolutely



  1. So adorable! I love the gazebo. xo

  2. Lisa, you have such a beautiful garden. It really is stunning, I'm in awe. Please, please pop on over and do mine for me. You have such a creative eye and the miniture garden is just beautiful.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  3. How cute that you find acorns in the house in the spring! I love your little fairy garden, truly magical and inspiring!

  4. What a magical little garden. I love the much fun.

  5. Your miniature fairy garden is adorable! What fun you must be having with these creations.
    I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by.
    Mary Alice

  6. Oh how sweet. I love the minature fairy garden. What a great imagination. Of course they enjoy it. Karie

  7. So sweet! I love that wheelbarrow!

  8. Oh that is so sweet to do for your friends. I have always wanted a fairy garden...yours is adorable in the wheelbarrow.

  9. It's wonderful !!! I love it and I wish I have one too.

  10. I love this idea...sometimes these petite gardens can get lost and in this way you cant really see all of the charming features. Enchanting.

  11. Loved your fairy garden and the idea of using an old wheelbarrow is awesome - especially like the color you painted it. I am planning on making my first fairy garden this year :)

  12. This is MAGICAL!!! I usually try to do a smaller scale version of a fairy house w/ Sophia each summer...very neat indeed.

  13. Hi Lisa,
    Your fairy wheelbarrow is adorable! I love to make fairy gardens, too. I'll be makeing one like yours when spring finally stays in my part of the country. I'm your newest follower and hope you will stop by and see my garden fairie post I just made.
    Have a good week!

  14. How sweet, and the old wheelbarrow makes the perfect home for your precious fairy garden.

    Im now following you and hope you'll come visit me at and maybe you'll decide to follow back. THANKS.

  15. Your fairy garden truly is magical. My daughter would love this!

    Linking from Mod Mix Monday.

    Ricki Jill

  16. I featured your little fairy garden today at Mod Mix Monday!