Thursday, April 12, 2012

The enchanted garden

Crab apple is my favorite flowering trees

OK, I know that this is a baking blog, but I am giving serious consideration to changing it to 

Korean spice viburnum smells so spicy and sweet

Because my time is divided pretty equally between my kitchen and my gardens.

Columbine getting ready to do it's thing

I am almost finished with my annual massive spring yard clean up, and things are looking good.  I finally broke down and bought myself a child sized rake to assist in cleaning out leaves from under and behind shrubs.  It has been life changing  :)

My spot of choice for afternoon coffee

The koi and goldfish and awake and HUNGRY!

The always hungry fish

Things have been blooming in the last month and a half, and there will be color straight through the fall.  I firmly believe in planting for every season.

Forget me nots

All of my pansies survived through the mild winter, and I had to add a few more for good measure.

Sweet darling pansies

One of the things I love most about my gardens, is that there is something new to see each day.

Leopard's bane - long blooming and underutilized - get some immediately

I am so glad I planted tulips last fall.  Tedious chore, but when they bloom - Wow!

Tulips from Lowes marked 75 % off late last fall

And how about a bouquet of lilacs to perfume the house?

Lilac - the most beautiful scent in the world

 I painted an ancient wheel barrow raspberry pink, and made a fairy garden in it.  

Zee fairy garden in zee pink wheel barrow

I think I will give a fairy tour tomorrow.

Mendhi inspired cookies I made for my son Teddy

I couldn't have a post without showing you a few cookies, though, could I?


  1. Wow, enchanted and enchanting garden. I cannot decide which plant I like the best - all of them are so beautiful and the colors. Of course, the wheel barrow and koi pond are fabulous! And a mendhi cookie too, like I said, wow! xo

  2. No wonder it's a favorite spot for coffee. It's like walking through Longwood!
    Your Koi are beautiful. I can't believe how much further along your flowers are must be much warmer in your area.

  3. Wow Lisa, your garden is amazing. Certainly worthy of its 'Enchanted' name! Flowers are amazing too. Love the crab apple tree, brings back memories of my childhood as they had many all over the school premises (we ate a few crab apples too).

    Love your tulips too, they're one of my favourite flowers! Your pond is beautiful too, beautiful Koi. My partner has a half tattoo sleeve of a koi carp on his right arm. Great cookies too, all this is eye candy!

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  4. Such a gorgeous place to have coffee, may I join?! As soon as it warms up here I need to get to work and make myself a little coffee nook outside! Your cookies are always just amazing and so detailed!

  5. Very pretty garden. I have to look for that yellow flower for my garden. Love the fairy garden.

    Beautiful cookies.

  6. I love flowers....and those cookies are completely amazing, Lisa.

  7. Your garden is amazing! AMD those cookies! Wow! What kind of icing do you use to decorate that much detail?