Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Masters cookies

For my husband the golfer.

In celebration of his favorite sporting event on television.

He loves the tradition, the players who are the best of the best, and the gorgeous greens.

I tried to play golf one summer a few years back.

I even had the cutest pink golf shoes.

Aside from the pink shoes, I hated it.  
Oh well.  
Happy Masters weekend honey!


  1. I am more a "miniature golf" kind of girl myself! I enjoy that. I am sure your hubby enjoyed these cookies. xo

  2. I am w/ Barbara...but I get fidgety after the first 3 holes of MINI golf! HA! I'm always the one who keeps going back for "snacks" These are lovely, Lisa.

  3. Cookies are beautiful, but red flag placement is wayyyy off...Georgia is the place

  4. Thanks my dear wife. The flag placement isn't relevant in relationship to the place your kindness holds in my heart. That is where the flag is placed. Love you.

  5. Are these available for purchase? I'm looking for Masters cookies for my brother's birthday in May.